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Critical Thinking & Unconventional Solutions

Science and outreach matter a lot to me. I firmly believe that true empowerment today is achieved by combining science literacy, critical thinking, and imaginative ways of communication.

This is also the base for a thriving and fast-growing green industry.

I only take on projects I scientifically, and ethically, believe in.

I have received degrees from world-renowned institutions like the University of Cambridge and Max-Planck Institute, a Ph.D. from Stockholm University, and have long experience in content marketing and SEO through my position as VP of Content at ZAGENO, and through my clients (client list here).

My social media platform Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium, with over 100,000 followers, taught me the real ins & outs of the world of social media communication.

I never work with ads. My success is achieved through best practice SEO & excellent content.

Through my brand Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium, I also communicate science through collaborations with artists: performances, operas, lectures, seminars, & live online events.

My unique place is between the systems; to act as a link between scientists and non-scientists; academia and business; high school dropouts and professors.

Dr. Anna Zakrisson from Anna's Imaginarium gives a lecture during Halmstad Opera Festival

Who am I as a Person?

Someone described me as a blend between a lumberjack and Downton Abbey with a vocabulary of “a highly educated sailor.”

There may be some truth in that.

Please, contact me, if you have any questions.

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