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The easy path to data-driven sustainability! Our mission is to propel progress and accomplish UN SDG Goals with science-based and data-driven sustainable business practices.

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Brad Garner

Green Roof Diagnostics

I've never worked with anyone like Anna. She has the highest personal integrity and scientific integrity of anyone I have ever worked with. We work together on projects that have the potential to be extremely stressful, and I think the reason it rarely feels stressful is that I know that Anna always has my back. It's amazing to work with someone who has such depth and breadth of skills, and who absolutely loves learning! Anna has taught me so much about the research process, writing, SEO, and much more, and I am eager to do more together related to microbes and nutrients. The world needs more scientists like Dr. Anna!

Oscar Warmerdam

Sempergreen USA

I have known Anna to be a colorful and passionate advocate for a large variety of causes, and all are for the greater good. Her razor-sharp mind is built upon a wide range of topics, and whatever she doesn’t know she will find out. We needed a person like Anna to help us confirm and legitimize our opinions on topics such as soil biology, pollution, and plant chemistry as related to sustainable infrastructure and stormwater management. Anna is a voice of fact-based honest science linked with a no-BS approach. Lots of companies want to bend the truth to fit the narrative and Anna keeps us 100% on the straight path. How we present ourselves to the digital world as a company also lies in her hands and I personally love that the honesty and transparency she demands throughout our external communications to not only feel good, but it proves to be very successful as all indicators trajectories point steeply upwards.

Mario Browa


Unsere Zusammenarbeit mit Anna Zakrisson ist geprägt von außerordentlicher Innovation und Weitblick. Sie versteht es, auch für fachfremde Personen komplexe, wissenschaftliche Zusammenhänge erklärbar und leicht anwendbar zu machen. Eine ihrer größten Stärken ist es, vielzählige Eventualitäten im Voraus zu bedenken, breit anzusetzen und dabei immer die Bedarfe ihrer Kunden im Fokus zu behalten. Vor allem auch der unkomplizierte Umgang bereitet uns große Freude in der Zusammenarbeit mit ihr und GreenRoofDiagnostics. Liebe Anna Zakrisson, auf diesem Wege herzlichen Dank für unsere beachtenswerte und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.